MOVING with Meaning through yoga for health, happiness, connectedness 
Health is not just about the body, it is also about thoughts, emotions, inner peace. One is healthy when one lives in peace with his/her surrounding world. The mind and body are profoundly connected and children's yoga is a great medium to connect with body/mind/emotions and the world for increased confidence, self-esteem and well-being. Yoga is for children a space where they can BE children instead of mini-adults, where they can explore without a pressure to perform. Come Play, Create, Cooperate™ approach supports that and inspires children.  Peek here!

 You have to create within yourself the experience of beauty, liberation and infinity. This is Health.  Heathly plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits.  Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happines shine forth like the rays of the sun. 
                                                                                               B.K.S Iyengar - Light on Life

Our bodies were designed to move throughout our lifetime. Movement and play allow children to become more physically, intellectually, emotionally happy and healthy as well as being their favourite mode of expression and connection with their world.  Physical movement through yoga and creativity gives them the ability to feel strong and capable in their bodies, helps prevent anxiety, reinforces what they already know inside, builds independence and most of all, is a lot of fun! Check Catherine's interview on Learning to PLAY again:  http://debozarko.com/unplug-podcast-16-catherine-lesage-learning-play/
Now a community partner of University of Ottawa - Comprehensive School of Health! 

 Upholding high standards of professional integrity
Standing tall for the health of children, not for a product 
♥ Moving with meaning to discover our own pathways of BEING, not simply pathways of learning in schools
Respecting self and others
Honoring self as creative being
Valueing play as the essence of being
Encouraging cooperation for more compassion
Envisioning nature as an integral part of life and yoga... and the well-being of children
 Supporting and nurturing families as the roots for growth


If movement is to have an impact, it must belong to those who join it, not those who lead it.
Simon Sinek

Children, grandchildren, students, all learn through modeling. Adults have a great influence on the future choices of the young generation. Being active, connecting within, modeling healthy behaviours and co-creating with the children allow them to grow on many levels and also facilitate our own growth as a parent, caregiver, teacher, children lover. So let’s walk the talk and all join the movement legacy!

I encourage my children to stretch their wings each time I stretch my own.Katrina Kenison

Happiness multiplies and spills over naturally and effortlessly.

I was delighted about the breathing exercises. I used them with her when we had to go to a particarly difficult doctor's appointment!
A relieved and happy mom

 Littlefeet Yoga is a unique amalgamation of exercise, creativity and mindfulness that fulfills the criteria of the Foundations for a Healthy School as well as each of the pillars in the Comprehensive School Health cohort. The Comprehensive School Health cohort believes in the interest of the student beyond academia and recognizes the importance of positive relationships/attitudes and healthy active living while fostering autonomy through increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Littlefeet Yoga offers an enjoyable and active way to enhance all of the above.  
                           Leanne Takman - teacher candidate CSH Cohort 2015-2016 

Littlefeet Yoga has been a very good tool for my children. All three of my kids attended Yoga classes for kids and it has helped them gain better knowledge of their bodies, learn to recognize when they need to relax and taught them easy and practical tools they can use to relax at any place or any time.
Karine, kids yoga advocate and mom

I discovered Yoga while hiking in the Rockies back in 1999. I then embarked on a path leading me to a deeper understanding and appreciation of yoga and yoga for children. I am fascinated by human movement and I believe that providing children with opportunities to explore their world through play, creativity and movement will help them become more physically, emotionally, intellectually intelligent. Yoga brought another dimension to my teaching of Physical Education: teaching the body, the mind and the soul. After first sharing yoga with children in 2001 when she was a kindergarten teacher,  I created in 2006 a medium of exploration for children: Littlefeet Yoga.  Mom-Entrepreneurs - CBC News Coverage.

I am an advocate for children’s health. I count on many years of experience with children of all ages, teaching in various private and public schools, communities and studios.  I created an holistic movement model using yoga as a medium of expression: "
Come Play, Create, Cooperate!"™.  I believe in supporting children and families with a healthy balance of movement experiences through a sensory-rich cooperative environment, where freedom to explore and the use of imagination, creativity and play are highly valued. I am no longer teaching TO children but sharing WITH children and adults. Results: quality of interactions, tools for home and communities, feeling good.

I stand for children and their well-being, for families and their connections, for educators and their creative teachings. I create lessons, programs, trainings, consultations, playful workshops.  I am also the author of a children’s yoga series called Little SuperYogis™ where I pour my love of creativity and movement into the co-creation with children of yoga adventure books, yoga cards, and other educational resources in French and English, since 2012. 

I am  an avid mover and sports lover, a teacher, a physical education specialist, kids/teens yoga specialist, a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance (4 certifications in children's yoga and consultant/project leader for the translation of the YogaKids® book in French in 2007), a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT-200), a former lawyer and ethics officer.   I continue to be amazed everyday by the wonders of children, movement, connecting with people and the outdoors.
You are an amazing spirit, all dressed up in yoga!  
                                                     Ariel Haubrich, WOW coordinator for kids mental wellness

Quotes that inspired my journey:

Children can learn almost anything if they are dancing, tasting, touching, hearing seeing and feeling information.
                    Jean Houston, the Possible Human

 Let the beauty we love be what we do. 

 Learning is movement from moment to moment.

Just a thank-you for being a fabulous mentor and teacher for Maia. She took so many positive things away from your class, and I always appreciate an instructor who is gentle and inspiring at the same time. You very clearly respect children as people and that's important to me! 
                                                                                                      Carolyn (Mom)

WHO are the children

They are whole, curious, imaginative, kinesthetic, spontaneous, play-FULL, MAGIC.  A perfect fit to co-create with us! They are girl beings, boy beings, shy beings, bold beings,  all beings. They are growing strong, growing centered, growing radiant, growing relaxed, growing open, growing outward, growing refreshed, growing connected, growing wings.