How Playing, Creating, Cooperating is linked to Yoga while complementing our educational system!

by Cathie Waugh – perspective from a module 1 graduate.

Play allows the child to discover the way the world and their body works (ie laws of physics, memory, balance etc.) Svadhyaya (exploration of ourselves) could be thought of as a component of play. The child processes the learning and sends it back to the world through their personal creativity (Satya). Creativity is essential for self esteem, the foundation of self love (Ahimsa toward self.) Cooperation (Ahimsa toward others) teaches the children how to connect with other co-creaters for a common purpose.

So much of a child’s education (in school and many extra curricular activities) is focused on directly filling the mind with facts. The format of education is built on performance (did you do it right?). Children sit for long periods of time following rules endemic in the educational process. This is a very ‘left brained’ or linear approach to learning.
Play-Create-Cooperate™ helps to balance this by allowing learning to happen organically moving through the heart/intuition and then up to the mind without the pressure to perform. More of a ‘right brained’ approach. The ‘right brained’(tha/yin) or creative approach is a compliment to the ‘left brained’ (hath/yang) education system.

Play-Create-Cooperate allows children to discover themselves, others and the world in a relaxing, safe format without ‘right or wrong’, ‘winner or loser’ associated. Opportunity is provided to work together achieving a result without the pressure to perform. Being part of a larger exercise reflects what happens in life.

Won’t you come play, create, cooperate™?

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