Room to Create – 5 ways!

  1. Micro-moments of SILENCE :
    1. Close your eyes
    2. “Before speaking, consider wether it is an improvement upon silence.” Bapuji
  2. Nature
    1. GREEN VITAMIN (trees, fields, nature): in its simplicity, nature offers freedom to do less and enjoy more.
  3. Agenda
    1. Move to doing 5-10% less than what is on your list today.
  4. Prana
    1. Your life energy moving through your body… know where it goes, where your thoughts spend most of their time …. adjust.
    1. Lots of space to roam –  open moment free of results and filled with room to  create!

When BOREDOM is on, creativity begins! 

Come look at some creations from our classes:

field of dandelion




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