By Lori Morrison
Mother, yogi, doula, Littlefeet Yoga® graduate and collaborator and someone I am fortunate to call my friend!

Enough Love?

I love my first child so much, will I have enough love for my second…third etc?

As a doula I have heard this question many times. As I mom of two, soon to be three, I wondered it myself. It has only been through experience and my curiosity into yoga that has allowed me to know, full heartedly that LOVE is not quantified, it is not limited. The more love we experience, the greater it becomes. Love in its simplest most raw form is a healthyheartbasic, core emotion. It is PURE. Real love is unconditional, it doesn’t mean expecting anything in return or labeling what love looks.

If we could go back just for a moment and experience life as a toddler, a child we would maybe remember that feeling of pureness, before labels that open, limitless potential in all things, we could maybe live our lives again from that place of love and curiosity. Being a realist I know I cannot “go back” to being a child, but I can work on being open, and allowing the same sense of wonder and allow love to come into my everyday again. If I can really live from a place of love myself, perhaps my children will maintain their purity of emotion and live from a place of love, and open heart.

Love is Pure and Raw, it comes through the body in its most basic way, the movement in yoga allows to clear away the cobwebs that may tie up the raw emotions, the stillness allows flow, combined all that yoga offers is potential, potential for wonderful things, healing, forgiveness, love, and so much more. I’ve been lucky enough to really explore these ideas from my own practice in yoga, and know that yoga is so much more than what we see on the surface, and so I am grateful for people and programs like Catherine’s Littlefeet Yoga® for allowing space for exploration, for creativity, and for LOVE to be passed down and all around.

Love, Love, it will not run out


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