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Red and Green!

photo 2When we explore Holiday or Christmas themes for little people  yoga fun, we look at festive colours, holiday stories and animals, meaning of this time of year.

How about combining MEANING with COLOURS?

RED in the philosophy of Yoga = roots, foundations.
GREEN in the world of Yoga = heart energy, compassion.

In my kids yoga facilitator world and the world of little people:
RED: kids’ roots, foundations from which they grow =   FAMILY
GREEN: heart energy= LOVE,  the art of giving and sharing.

So the spirit of it all is about love and families, sharing and giving. Because the more you share, the more you care. The more your give, the more you get.  Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.45.44 PM


TOES: write the names of 5 people in your life and/or family that make you feel safe, grounded, at home. These are your roots.

FOOT: Write/decorate your tree by writing or colouring gifts you’d like to offer those people for this upcoming year, gifts that lasts a long long time (ex. play, health, relaxation, movement, balance, nature, love, grace, etc.)


Always remember to start with this every day (kids AND adults).  SELF-HUG “I love me!” “Je m’aime!”. It will make your heart grow bigger !

To make those roots grow over the holiday season and share the love, here are a few ways to PLAY YOGA with family:

1. SHARE: Read a book together – ask children to come up with a different ending and act it out together.

2. CREATE: Read a different book – ask children to come up with various poses based on what they see in the book. (see also our Little SuperYogis’ 2 adventures and yoga cards to empower you with more ideas, on www.littlesuperyogis.com, designed to spark imagination as well).photo 1

3. NATURE – NATURE- NATURE: go outside, build/create a shape in the snow and make a pose associated with it. Or ask someone to create a pose with you.

4. PLAY: using LEGO blocks, put a few together and balance them on your hand or head while becoming a Christmas tree or the North Star, build a tower and stand on one leg, as strong as your tower.

5. BE: Simply make a fort with blankets and many many many cushions, go hide in it just like the turtle in her shell to see your own north star in your belly! Invite one member of your family and cuddle up.

sending good thoughts to YOU first, then someone close then all of us!

May I be well, may I be happy, may I be healthy, may I dwell in my heart, may my heart flower
(replace the “I” with “you”, the replace then “you” with “we”)

Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to you, in all shape and form!


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La coopération – un outil pour la vie et important pour les petits!

Article publié et écrit pour l’Association de l’Éducation du Préscolaire du Québec en novembre 2014.  On y parle de l’importance du langage non-verbal,  la coopération au milieu de toute cette compétition, et l’approche par le jeu et la créativité, pilier de l’approche Littlefeet Yoga ainsi que pour grandir en santé!

Bonne lecture – vous y trouverez des idées à partager avec les enfants aussi!


Littlefeet Yoga: Veux-Tu Devenir Une Forêt Avec Moi?



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Routine du Soleil – Je me sens fort(e)!

Pour toi et toute la famille, cliquez sur le lien et amusez-vous bien.

Routine du Soleil de Yogini Sophie !

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Back to School means Back to Basics!

This can be an exciting time of year as well as a stressful one for parents and children.   Some good, healthy suggestions to get your started.  Remember!  This requires intention and practice for habits to take shape and form!

1. Providing access to nature for your children (and yourself) – to climb, to jump, smell, listen (tremendous benefits on moods and behaviours)
2. Provide weekly spontaneous play opportunities, this can morph into fun games for all and improve communication and problem solving skills)
3. Provide weekly free time with friends
4. Encourage curiosity – ask questions on what they see and feel/know also when to simply be with silence
5. Create a safe place in your home for children to go to when they feel stressed or nervous (this can have images of fun places where you have been as a family, bringing good memories, Little SuperYogis™purple and white cards, etc.)

Interesting fact:  Children’s brain development is directly related to their life experiences, leaving imprints in the body and soul.  Focusing on their favourite mode of expression -movement and play- is key to support their whole self.  So what will be their sensory food (experiences) that you will be planning this fall?

The following can be used anytime, anywhere, by children young and old (that means also adults), when in need of a little inner calm and peace – Little Shanti Hands- TRY IT!

little shanti hands


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Bonne fête Canada! Happy Birthday Canada!

A toutes les belles personnes qui y habitent, qui l’appelle terre natale, qui le chérit.  
A toutes ses lacs, prairies, collines, Rocheuses, arbres, sa faune et flore unique. Bonne fête!

To all the beautiful people living on this land, to all those who call it home (here or abroad).
To all its nature, lakes, prairies, rolling hills, Rockies. Happy Birthday!

Quality for the family offer on this grand day:  Free shipping everywhere in Canada until July 10.  Connect with us at info@littlefeetyoga.com to get your discount code.

Du temps de qualité pour l’été!

Namaste to all!

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Peace for thoughts, Peace for Words, Peace for Body and Heart!

Teaching is an art, yoga is an art, we are all artists.

Sharing yoga WITH children in a way they can integrate is art we want to create together.  And here is the art created by a recent graduate of the program, while teaching children relaxation:

“Give yourself a hug. Bring hands to forehead to remind us to think happy thoughts, to our mouth to remind us to speak kind words, and to our hearts to remember to love a lot every day. Namaste.”
                               Kim MacDougall

Happy Summer and Solstice – may it be rest -full, play-full, art-full, wonder-full!

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New reports on kids health say that Canadian children are not doing so great in terms of physical activity. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/physical-activity-levels-of-canadian-kids-lags-behind-global-pack-report-finds/article18754747/

One of my many hats is Physical Education and I see my role as empowering children with tools to not only move but LOVE to move.   I am passionate about movement, passionate about children and creativity, moving for and with meaning, not moving to simply let out exuberance. Moving for health, moving for freedom and wonder. How can we then support, help, encourage children to be more active and enjoy it?

After many years of being with children, looking/observing/listening/playing/creating with them,  I wrote the PLAY MANIFESTO earlier this year, here is an excerpt:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.30.08 PM

There seems to have been a shift in the last 20 odd years towards fixed, pre-determined, organized, controlled variables and settings for play and movement.  For whose benefit? Is this new paradigm serving the children we love?  Is this shift leading them towards a love of movement?  Questions we need to ask ourselves as a society if we want our children to be healthy.

We all need meaning and inspiration in our lives, whether we are children or adults.   Meaning to keep going, to feel a connection with what we do, to be in our element.   Inspiration starts within and can lead us far and wide.   Inspiration (from word “inspirare”=to breathe)  is about BEING and when we ARE,  we experience freedom and wonder with life-long benefits.  Breathing life into what we do.  What is a source of inspiration for children, what lies deep at their hearts?

Organized play/movement? Organized movement through sports? Fixed standards with external rules? Yes for some, no for lots.  I personally love sports, I still compete, I come from the sports world.  I also met many children in many different environments and settings whose fun and meaning were not found in organized sports but movement experiences, cooperative settings, creative self-expression, free and creative play, nature, self-created rules and games.  Hence why I needed to create Littlefeet Yoga:   a space for children for their self-expression, imagination, freedom, no pressure to perform, wanting to reach more children for who they are, not what I wanted them to become.

Can we go back 20-30 years ago in our values and support children in their needs and interests?

Can we trust their innate ability to create,  or is it ourselves we don’t trust?

Can we see the value in movement and not only sports or organized movement?

The shift belongs to parents and caregivers first as they are the most influential on the children, then schools then government.

 “If you want to awaken something in others, it must be awaken in your first!” Unknown.

Adults used to be children once: we never really lose what makes us children, we simply keep it quiet to belong.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.42.05 AMSo how can we encourage more active time for our children?  Swing the pendulum back from organized settings/sports to a  balance between self-created movement experiences and organized settings.  This will provide them with valuable life long tools such as confidence, competence, compassion and problem solving, patience, passion! Bringing back health to their bodies and souls.


“The thing is to become a master and in your old age to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing” Henry Miller

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5 ways to inspire creativity in your kids

I like to surround myself with Majic People who BELIEVE in children, who think outside the box and who are committed to inspire a community of families and children to engage meaningfully through natural play, creativity through movement and other forms, cooperation for connection to reconnect them to the essentials of childhood for health, happiness, connectedness.

Carol McKeegan is One Magical Person, a  beauty-full creative being and mother who inspires her students and son creatively everyday. She is a graduate of our Creative Explorers Level 1 training and  shares the values of Littlefeet Yoga.  She offers you some words of wisdom.

“Being a teacher, I interact with children daily. With notions of critical and creative thinking at the forefront of school boards these days, I am often asked by parents how they can inspire their children to become stronger in these areas. This post is just a few of the ideas that I have shared with my parents. Enjoy!

1) Play with non-conventional toys. Ever watch a child play with an empty cardboard box or paper towel rolls. Each day these toys can become something different. From car ramps to flutes, houses to dinosaurs, these magical toys can be used again and again, are often free, and inspire play for the taking.

2)Allow for kids to activate their own play ideas. When your child states that they are bored, try not to give them a list of possibilities, instead allow them to think and plan for themselves. Children are often over planned and organized. Studies show that when children are bored creative thinking is activated. Inspire creative thinking by stepping back.

3) Join in! Enter into your child’s mind by joining into their games. Children always love more characters in their play. Without telling the child, just enter in and see if they can figure out who you are in relation to what they are doing. Don’t be afraid if their ideas are not realistic or true to life it’s just play and doesn’t mean that your child does not understand the real world. Join in, have fun and don’t be afraid to let your them boss you around a little. 🙂

4) Cultivate their interests! My 6 year son is very interested in countries. We spend quite a bit of time each week chatting about countries, where they are, interesting facts, and looking at videos. Much of the information that we chat about ends up being integrated into the games he is playing. Last week his cars were driving a race in Ireland and they had to stop because of the rain. Who knew!! When you give children information about what they are interested in, they not only retain it, but access it later in their daily talk, sharing with others, and in their play. Try it and see; you’ll be amazed!

5) Be outdoors! What happens when nature is your child’s toy? Fresh air, trees, grass, and creatures all ground our children to what is important. They can see first hand interactions between creatures and their habitat (family ties and home), seasons (our ever changing world), and much needed exercise (healthy living). And talking about non-conventional toys; trees can often become castles for princesses, and grass can become a bed for a tired traveller. Often we underestimate the learnings children can have outdoors, so have fun playing games in the muck this spring!!”

(Majic Leader)

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