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Teaching teachers how to BE!

Planting seeds of mindfulness for learning and teaching growth!
Teachers bring a lot of value to the lives of students but often remain behind curriculum development and assessment. A test proven program with great expectations can only bring positive results across the board if teachers are involved in their own growth as a person/teacher and engaged in the process.
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Catherine Lesage is a visionary in the integration of creativity and movement awareness through mindfulness, in Pegagogy programs at the University level. Her work recognizes the value of teachers being human beings first and aims to support their growth as a person to further enhance the quality of teaching afterwards.

Through her experience as a teacher, physical educator, children/teen yoga specialist and conference speaker, she has brought her vast experience to teacher preparation programs in Ottawa, Canada and continues to inspire other leaders in the field of education throughout the country. Let’s get moving together!

We need the openings for movement to become thematic in teacher education, for emotion to be recognized as the complement of motion, and for our practices of engaging with children and youth to be recognized as drawing, in their best form, on the relational and pedagogical dynamics of moving and being moved.
                           Dr. Stephen Smith, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

The multifaceted teacher

A. The human teacher!
There is a vast amount of communication happening in the non-verbal where all those intangible happenings can affect the dynamic of the interactivity between a teacher and student in a positive or negative way. Acknowledging that approximately 70% of human communication is through body language (non-verbal) and that our mind operates the majority of the time within the subtleties of the unconscious, learning and feeling how to be present in the here and now along with listening to the messages from the body can only contribute to the quality of our being and the enhancement of our teaching.

Physical activity / movement is always movement of a person. A person / human being is an entity, body-mind-emotion. A teacher, a human being with a specific function, is interacting in his own entity, in a holistic manner, with another entity, a learner. Any knowledge on himself as a person, in the sense of an "holistic" person (an unnecessary adjective) can /will contribute to the quality of his teaching, the quality of the interaction.

The "can" contribute will be a "will contribute" if a teacher has a PRESENCE to the learner. A presence? Being in the "here and now" with body-mind-emotion to the "here and now" of the learner as a body-mind-emotion human being. Being here and now in a state of mindfulness.

Any  learning activity that can develop knowledge on the entity of the human being as well as the ability to be PRESENT has  its place  in a teacher education program or  teacher development program!
                           Pierre Boudreau, Professor University of Ottawa, Faculty of Pedagogy

B. The artist teacher
Teaching is an art, the artist being the teacher constantly creating conditions and activities for the learners to grow and thrive using their bodies, senses, emotions, intellect. Most of us are disconnected from our own bodies, our own movements, so we tend to experience just the external motions. We teach these motions to children in mechanical, skill-defined ways, albeit in the gym or classroom settings.

Mindfully moving to create to better educate!

Meaningful movement experiences take root on the inside. Furthermore, by connecting and experiencing movement from within, we relax the body, feel more at home, and realize how connected the mind and body are. We move away from linear thinking and unblock that creativity that allows ourselves and children to explore the movement and creativity potentials with which we came into the world. Yoga/mindfulness helps unlock creativity that can enhance teaching and learning.

Between routine and uncertainty… create!
A teacher is often between routine and uncertainty. Routine helps to survive, reduces stress. Luckily, teaching is an unpredictable activity. Between routine and uncertainty, the teacher "must" create in order to respond to the pedagogical needs that are unplanned right at that moment. Creativity finds its place in a teacher preparation program since a teacher will be required to "create" everyday.
                                Pierre Boudreau, Professor University of Ottawa, Faculté d'Education

C. The student teacher
Through this piece of creation and as an artist, the teacher needs to be receptive to the needs of the students and for that remain a student him/her self to fully capture the depth of the canvas unfolding in front of him or her. Learning to listen to the subtleties of the human body - emotions, thoughts, physical reactions – one is able to fully comprehend how one’s inner reality can resonate with another and influence the dynamic of the interactivity between two human beings. Yoga/mindfulness sprinkled with creativity will bring to life your inner life!

How can I become a teacher? You become a student first!



To actually experience movement as our fundamental consciousness, as you do, is absolutely that which we need to help adults do, and help student teachers, and PE students. And your work with young children is so remarkable in helping them keep in touch with this movement consciousness through joyful activity and interactivity. And so, I like your openness to the 'awakening' of somatic 'interactivity' and the exploration of the kinds of movements and movement practices that would make us somatically 'wide awake' in teacher education.

                                      Dr. Stephen Smith, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

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As a student of Physical Education, back in the 1990's, Catherine attended a conference where the message conveyed was about the reduction of movement opportunities in and out of school for children as well as their health being affected. The recognition of Physical Education as being an integral part of human development was significantly diminishing by the years. Catherine then became an advocate for movement and its benefits for a healthy, strong, happy community and wants to continue creating a movement legacy for the benefits of all children, young and old. Through various conferences, presentations and acquaintances, Catherine was priviledged to meet key people in the movement field as well as collaborate on projects for the improvement of meaningful movement experiences.

Present and past community of associations : 
Association de l'Éducation Préscolaire du Québec
Québec en Forme
Physical and Health Education Canada
University of Sherbrooke – Perfectionnement en Mouvement
University of Ottawa, Pedagogy and Human Kinetics, Comprehensive School of Health
Jeunes en Forme - Ottawa
Écoles en Formes et en Santé - Québec