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Mandala Philosophy (for children and Adults)
Movement of the body leads to inner shifts and movement of emotions (what goes on inside - what is essential and invisible to the eyes (as well said by Le Petit Prince), inner movement leads to outer movement through healthy life choices and feeling of well-being. 

Meaningful movement experiences are highly beneficial for our physical-emotional-intellectual, spiritual well-being (for parents and adults as well) and those experiences shape our lives and the lives of the children. As humans, we connect with our environment through our bodies, our senses. Children’s brain development is directly related to their life experiences, leaving imprints in the body and soul. Focusing on their favourite modes of expression -movement and play- is key to support their whole self.  Yoga/mindfulness is a wonderful medium, not an end, allowing use of various themes and topics, school subjects, means of expression, creativity, cooperation and play to learn about the self through movement and every movement is an opportunity for learning.  Moving with Meaning through creative yoga  then becomes a solid foundation, sound support for personal growth - sports - educational needs, leading to a healthy global developement. 

 You cannot be happy unless you are light and free. Thich Nhat Hanh

As children sing often when they are touching their essence: I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.

For learning to take strong roots within, the elements of PLEASURE AND FUN must be part of every activity. The following 3 keys elements (PLAY, CREATIVITY, COOPERATION) tap into inner strengths while reinforcing what we already know inside, fostering FUN!

The aim of Education is not merely the verbal transmission of abstract knowledge –ideas, theories and information. There is much more to be done than merely sharpening the students' intellectual powers. The body needs as much care and attention as does the mind.
                                                                                Gabor Csepregi, The Clever Body

Why movement, play and creativity? 
To be inspired, engaged, whole development! 

 It is not what we teach but how we teach that creates a deeper impact on children. Catherine Lesage


  • FUN and fundamentals needs 
  • Creates freedom and wonder: key elements
  • Play and movement: favourite modes of expression
  • Kids need INSPIRATION, not only motivation
  • Childhood obesity has tripled in the last 25 years
  • 1/3 of children born after 2001 will develop diabetes
  • Screen attraction: TV, computers, video games, etc.
  • Tight schedules and increasing expectations
  • Most importantly:  stretches body, mind and spirit in a fun and playful way while respecting children's needs.
  • Results: feeling good, quality interactions, transfer into healthy life habits, better understanding of emotions, "I can do it!", inspiration and engagement!

Parents, Teachers, Educators:

  • FUN and allows deeper connection with children
  • Adaptable to cross-curricular needs and interests
  • Increasing curriculum and class demands
  • Budget cuts affecting planning and resources
  • Stress, balancing home and life
  • Most importantly: empowers our potential as creative beings, improves quality of relationships in family  and healthy class/school dynamics.  Your ticket to quality time!
  • Results: feeling good, new way to bond/connect with children in a nourishing way, better understanding of children's needs for healthy growth, transfer in personal and family life, inspiration and engagement!

See Catherine's interview on WHY!  http://debozarko.com/unplug-podcast-16-catherine-lesage-learning-play/

Why integrating a creative holistic movement approach to learning about self and teaching?

The development of the mind comes through movement.
Maria Montessori

  • Children are kinesthetic learners, connecting with their inner/outer worlds through their bodies and senses
  • Children are social creatures stimulated and motivated by social interactions
  • Healthy relationships are at the heart of high-quality experiences for children
  • We think with our minds, our bodies, our emotions, our feelings, our relationships
  • Children discover their strengths and become responsible for their learning
  • Learning becomes co-creative and is FUN!!!

A creative holistic movement approach…

  • Increases access to diverse populations
  • Increases motivation as it honors multiple intelligences
  • Allows an easier transfer to daily life
  • Improves class dynamics and school life
  • Integrates easily within class/school themes


Why Littlefeet Yoga®'s approach: Come Play, Create, Cooperate™?

J'ai eu la chance de croiser ma collègue en fin de journée et elle a beaucoup aimé ton approche. Elle trouve que c'est simple et en plus remplie de belles valeurs que tu transmets simplement aux enfants. Elle adore le yoga, mais n'est pas à l'aise pour l'animer dans sa classe. Pourtant,  aujourd'hui,  elle m'a avoué avoir déjà réinvesti de petites choses dans sa gestion cet après-midi...
                                                                     Anik Charron, enseignante de maternelle

Play for elation and relaxation 
Click here for Moving with Meaning through Play of Littlefeet Yoga® 

A.Educational benefits:

Meaningful context for learning, children explore and reinforce what they alreay know, opportunities for collaborative learning, learning is fun.

B. Emotional benefits:
Relaxation, releases tension and excess energy.

C. Developmental benefits:
Creativity, problem-solving, self-esteem, cooperation, conflict resolution, gross and fine motor experiences, concentration.

Create for participation and inspiration
More participation, retention, ideas, transfer out of school, responsibility for learning.

Cooperate for connection, Compassion and integration
Catherine's Cooperation Article published in Revue du Préscolaire du Québec: read in media section 
Connecting with self and others, immediate feedback, freedom to perform. 

What Littlefeet Yoga brings to families and Education: 
Quality, Integrity, Learning Transferability

Littlefeet Yoga's movement awareness through yoga + Come Play, Create, Cooperate™ =

Long term interest and involvement in movement and/of sport activities, learning is fun and co-creative, increased self-esteem and understanding of emotions, increased physical, intellectual and emotional health, ripple effect in schools, families, communities, tools for daily healthy living.

Increased knowledge of self as holistic being (body-mind-emotions), increased quality of teaching and quality of interactions with others, quality family time, optimization of learning experiences and teaching!

Benefits to the Community:
Littlefeet Yoga’s holistic movement approach encourages children to listen to their inner wisdom and discover their full potential through creativity, play and cooperation.  By connecting the mind and the body, confidence, self-esteem and a new-found feeling of well-being emerge.  This creates a ripple effect as the children are encouraged to share their magic at home, at school, in the neighborood which makes all of them better places to be. By co-creating with children, modeling positive health habits and movement through yoga in school and out, we as adults facilitate their growth on all levels as well as our own. 

What children are saying…
Yoga makes me feel happy! Maia

It was great since it wasn't just yoga, we got to learn about ourselves and express our creativity in many different ways.
                                        Teen Girl

Yoga makes me feel calm and different, I do it at home.

Please visit the Workshops & Training as well as Yoga in the Schools to creatively engage yourself and your environment in the movement legacy.