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Inspiration from an injured shoulder on the mat

Some of the many great teachings of yoga is to find balance between strength and flexibility within body AND mind, allowing the flow to move through us. To trust and be guided by the body’s own intelligence that brings us back to our starting point and accepting the richness of a beginner’s mind where great perspective lies.

Suffering from shoulder pain stemming from a recurring injury, I chose to attend a yoga class with the intention of soaking in the practice by simply showing up and receiving, not being able to move too much. This process of allowing and receiving led me to a whole new opening outside and inside my body : a reacquaintance with myself as a beginner yogi, opened to explore new ways to move that were respecting of my physical starting point and new connections to be made from my body to my heart. A shift, a perspective unfolded which had I not had this injury, I would not have explored and processed the same way.

Living in a society that tends to believe in the « NO PAIN NO GAIN » philosophy, mine was to receive the PAIN to GAIN an opportunity to nurture suppleness and strength of the mind that would ripple out to my body.

The word « INSPIRE » finds its roots in the word « INSPIRARE » which means to « TO BREATHE ». The word « ATTENTION » comes from the Latin word « ATTENDERE » which means « TO STRETCH FORWARD ». Today, I chose to breathe life into a new perspective and to stretch my mind and soul forward !

And the benefits of that flexibility will spill effortlessly into my life and others.

P.S. And the shoulder feels good !

How do you nurture your beginner's mind?

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