The Art of Being with Children - The Foundation of Littlefeet Yoga Children's Yoga Teacher Training - Article on littlfeet Yoga


By Catherine Lesage

Many many years ago, when I was teaching kindergarten little beings, I rediscover the art of playing and creating and how it allowed freedom and wonder to flow each day. But most importantly, I discover the art of being with children in a way that supports their wisdom, imagination, aliveness and wholeness.

Behind every teacher is a student . To be a good teacher, one needs to be a good student first. I chose back then to step into my student shoes and learn from the children through reverence, intuition, cooperation, co-creation. Remaining on the path of learning with and from the children is essential to my understanding of their world and of mine as an « ex-child » ! This learning adventure with the children through movement has evolved into a new adventure of sharing these parcels of wonder and subtleties of children’s learning with others who want to be on the journey of sharing their art of being with children through yoga.

B.K.S Iyengar equates a form of spiritual practice in Light of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sutra 3.1, with the passion and wonder in children as they become totally absorbed in a task, oblivious to their surroundings which fuels their concentration.

This is an invitation to rediscover the spirit of childhood and become absorbed in the moment, nourishing your unfolding invidivual potential as a student of life first and then as a facilitator of yoga for children.

This training provides moments of reflection, space for curiosity, freedom to create, time to rest and integrate.

This training allows you to reconnect with the passion and wonder of being a child again, to imagine beyond the visible, to honour the secret corners of wisdom that comes with childhood.

The Greek Philosopher Plato once said : " You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" So this is also an invitation to discover like-minded beings and an opportunity to discover more about yourself through play, movement, creativity, mindfulness.

“What I find is the most fantastic part of Littlefeet yoga is the imagination required from both the children and the teachers. Imagination is the starting point of all creation and it is great how Littlefeet Yoga promotes this ability within all of us”. Emily, graduate level , 2011


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