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by Catherine Lesage of Littlefeet Yoga (

"Blessed is he who gives his children wings and roots"

Children of all ages love to engage in a variety of movement experiences. Play and movement are central to a child's development. Through yoga, children are encouraged to use their bodies as a vehicle for self-awareness and to discover the connections between the macrocosm of the environment and the microcosm of their bodies. A co-creative process then unfolds as they understand that they are part of the web of life.

Children are natural yoginis and are fascinated by the natural world where yoga finds its roots. They easily relate to the animated poses and are eager to engage in the adventure. This movement experience becomes a journey through c ooperative games, stories, music, imaginative relaxation techniques and creative breathing exercises. Children find and spread their own roots in a world that reflects their uniqueness, creativity, love and inner peace. Their wings show them the endless horizons of the imagination and carry them towards their creative dreams.

"If we are ever to have real peace, we must begin with the children" -  Gandhi

Children feel the effects of stress. Extra-curricular activities, higher expectations, busier schedules, less opportunity for exercise, video games, watching their busy parents are all factors that can contribute to anxiety and lack of motivation in children. Creating nourishing and motivating environments by providing tools to children to channel their energy in positive ways through yoga activities contribute to children becoming happier, stronger, healthier.

Yoga facilitates different kinds of learning where play and creativity are valued without a pressure to perfom. Children express themselves authentically, share, show, construct, laugh and discover themselves chunks at a time in a non-threatening environment. Yoga allows them to keep their creative light shining bright while embracing their innocence and building confidence. Albert Einstein's success came not from the strength of his mental processing power but from his imagination and creativity.

"We are happiest when we are creating. In fact the highest state of which we are capable lies in the creative act." -  Leo Buscaglia

Children are little sponges, they absorb and reflect what they feel and see in their surroundings. Through their innocence and wisdom, they encounter the messages from the adult world. Children just like adults grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually. By co-creating with them, modeling positive health habits and movement through yoga, we facilitate that growth on all its levels. And here is the secret : the quality of experience you share with them with ultimately deepens your own growth.

Send an open invitation to the children in your lives to join you in this creative gift of yoga. Dive in a world of curiosity, exploration, imagination and receive the wonders of what lies inside you and the children. Spread the roots and open your wings!

"Growing is a two-way street; you grow as your baby (child) does." -  Helen Garabedian

Catherine Lesage is the creator of Littlefeet Yoga (, a bilingual movement company based in the Ottawa region. Littlefeet Yoga offers family yoga classes and a variety of programs for children and the adults in their lives to create sustainable positive changes: healthier, stronger, happier children, families, educators, communities. She is now sharing her passion for children and yoga with a unique teacher training. Follow this link for details: