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Groovy Little SuperYogis™
Tools for home and Schools

Stella, Jacob, Sophie and Mama Maala, the Little SuperYogis ™ you see on this website are part of yoga adventures co-created by Catherine and children. Together, they have created for you Magic Carpets, creative yoga cards as well as a series of interactive yoga adventure books. 

Its ssssooo good. Everything about it. Creativity, love, learning, playing...”
                                                                         Sylvie Gouin -yoga teacher extra”om”dinaire


You can also find FREE RESOURCES like Focus Friend Little SuperYogis™ to color and help you feel strong when you are becoming a SuperYogi, a tree, an eagle, or you just need to slow down. 

 Hi again Catherine, my daughter received her yoga mat today (so quick!) and she absolutely loves it - thanks so much! Have a great week.

Also available at the following bookstores and librairies:  
Librairie Rose-Marie, 
in Gatineau, Québec, Canada (books and cards)
Gatineau library network (books only)


healthy Resources

Cute videos with children
Spring Metamorphisis tale:
Bear in his Cave tale:

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Integrated Movement, Nature, Creativity for Children Healthy Development
Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head! - Carla Hannaford 2nd edition. (fantastic resource)
Last Child in the Woods - Richard Louv

Importance of Early Years for Long-term Health 
The Well-Balanced Child - Sally Goddard Blythe