Littlefeet Yoga serves children and teens on a deeper level than just the physical. Age-specific activities are based on developmental stages, individual needs and interests of the children or teens using breathing techniques, songs, music, reading, creative art, cooperative games, relaxation and earthcare. This is all blended with creative yoga movement to educate the whole child or teen. Classes are offered in English and/or French.

All classes integrate a variety of activities and expose the children and teens to positive experiences that they can carry into their everyday lives. Themes and classes evolve from a co-creative and enriching process between facilitator and participants. As children mature, they learn to center themselves and draw on their experiences to develop invaluable skills to help them face challenges and become strong creative beings.

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Creative Peacemakers

I am peace, peace is in me.
Ong Sohung - Snatam Kaur Elementary Yoga

Children are participants in the ripple effect of caring as they explore more and more the interdependence of all things in nature. They are awakening to their connections to this beautiful web of life and become inspired by their actions and those of others. They spread their colors far and wide using creativity, play and cooperation to fly with positive intentions.

Maturing minds and bodies call for a stronger emphasis on body awareness, breathing and relaxation. Classes encourage positive interaction, flowing sequences, group cooperative games, partner and group poses, art, personal exploration to promote self-confidence and awareness. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of yoga in a creative and playful environment.

A family affair! As children spread their colors, they will invite you to spread your own with them. Their wings (and yours) show them the endless horizons of the imagination and carry them towards their creative dreams.

Aham Shanti - I am the essence of peace