Littlefeet Yoga serves children and teens on a deeper level than just the physical. Age-specific activities are based on developmental stages, individual needs and interests of the children or teens using breathing techniques, songs, music, reading, creative art, cooperative games, relaxation and earthcare. This is all blended with creative yoga movement to educate the whole child or teen. Classes are offered in English and/or French.

All classes integrate a variety of activities and expose the children and teens to positive experiences that they can carry into their everyday lives. Themes and classes evolve from a co-creative and enriching process between facilitator and participants. As children mature, they learn to center themselves and draw on their experiences to develop invaluable skills to help them face challenges and become strong creative beings.

Contact us to experience and feel the benefits in your creative environment.  To continue the experience at home and live more magical moments, please visit for creative resources.




Family Yoga

Parents and early child care providers play critical roles in influencing the youngest of children to engage in physical activity and active lifestyle that can last a lifetime. Modeling positive movement activities and emphasizing the importance of healthy habits provide an environment rich in opportunities for children and parents to feel good and grow strong roots together. Family yoga is a great way to increase parent-child bonding and promote a healthy lifestyle for families.

Families will experience physical, emotional, soulful benefits resulting in healthy habits, happier days, restful nights, less stress, quality family time which will have positive ripple effects within the family and community.

WHY play yoga as a family?
- To strenghthen the parent-child bond
- Create quality space for quality moment as a family
- Promote healthy lifestyle
- Discover news ways and tools to BE with your children without adding to your "TO DO" list
- BE instead of DO!

- Feeling refreshed, relaxed, rested
- Great start to your day
- Deeper connection as a family with positive interactions
- New-found energy! 

So come awaken your inner child in this playful family yoga class!!! An exploration of the senses through interactive poses, games, music and dance, crafts, creative breathing and relaxation exercises with an emphasis on partner poses. A time to bond with your child in an environment filled with laughter and love. 


We really liked the class. I especially liked some of the group activities as I've never experienced this before in a yoga class and it was nice to make this direct interaction with others in the group. I think the kids also liked being able to chose different yoga poses. And I know the kids really loved the craft at the end! And I liked some of the yoga poses we could all do as family.
A proud Mama!

  For me yoga used to be MY time to develop my mind, body and spirit. Through Family Yoga with Catherine, I have learned that I can teach my son the importance of using his creative spirit while being active and social with others. Thanks Catherine!

 What I will remember most about this family workshop is having regular quiet and cuddle time with each of my children. Also that they are my "Sunshines!" 
                                                                 Mother -Early Years Centre-Mothercraft

 Thanks a lot, Catherine, especially for the idea of this course and the way you were able to draw the kids in. I am so happy that my girls count yoga among their top three most favorite activities.
                                               Testimonial from a happy dad in our new H"OM"E program 2013

Words cannot express our gratitude to you for the most wonderful yoga birthday party you gave Maelyn today. She was absolutely thrilled, as were the other kids and parents. You clearly put a lot of work into preparing such a perfectly space-themed party and really made her feel so special. Her 7th birthday will certainly be her most memorable, thanks to you.

Thank you so much for a fabulous party.  I'm still amazed how you kept that room of kids engaged and busy (and relatively quiet) for a full hour! Catherine and I were really really happy with the party,  it was even more than we expected.  Your underwater theme was great, and really tapped into their imaginations.  Kenney was thrilled witht the parety and the kids on the street were excited to tell their parents and show off their "poses". Thanks again so much - we have been recommending Littlefeet to several families.