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now part of a Kindergarten educational project!

Littlefeet Yoga® has been a very good tool for my children.  All three of my kids attended Yoga classes for kids and it has helped them gain better knowledge of their bodies, learn to recognize when they need to relax and taught them easy and practical tools they can use to relax at any place or any time. 

I feel that children today are often subjected to the fast pace of their parents and the pressure of things they need to learn and do for school and so forth and as such they don't learn to recognize what is going on in their bodies - they lose touch with signs their bodies may be sending them. I know that for my ADHD child this was the case, so I thought Yoga could teach them to be more "present" in the moment, to concentrate on what is going on within them and be able to learn ways to manage stresses more efficiently. It's odd to use the word stress and children in the same sentence but that is the way society functions these days, children need to adapt and need to be able to cope with all the demands put on them without necessarily having the tools to cope efficiently. I remember speaking to the teacher the next year and her saying that she still used it.  I know this may seem simple but it's an easy and effective technique that worked wonders for my son and his classroom. 

Yoga should be introduced in schools and be part of the curriculum, I think both teachers and children would greatly benefit from it for obvious reasons, this would also translate to the home front and parents would likely appreciate it as well.
A school mom with children suffering from ADHD

J'ai eu la chance de croiser ma collègue en fin de journée et elle a beaucoup aimé ton approche. Elle trouve que c'est simple et en plus remplie de belles valeurs que tu transmets simplement aux enfants. Elle adore le yoga, mais n'est pas à l'aise pour l'animer dans sa classe. Pourtant,  aujourd'hui,  elle m'a avoué avoir déjà réinvesti de petites choses dans sa gestion cet après-midi...
              Anik Charron, enseignante de maternelle

foundations of Littlefeet Yoga®
Littlefeet Yoga's
roots sprouted in the schools back in 2001 when Catherine was a kindergarten teacher and wanted to share her love of movement and yoga with the children. Parents and children eagerly expressed their joy about this new way of exploring their world while being able to connect and relax.

Littlefeet Yoga's roots grew and grew and continue to grow. They weave through public, private and Montessori schools, in home and public daycares as well as in home school programs, in both French and English.
Foundations of a Healthy School - A must read! 

Not only is Littlefeet Yoga a great social activity to practice as a class but it helps connect the class on a deeper level.  
                Leanne Takman - teacher candidate UOttawa Comprehensive School of Health Cohort 2015-2016

Your program is fantastic, the teachers are still using your strategies. 
                Healthy Active Committee- Broadview Public School, Ottawa

To All Classroom and Physical Education

Teachers, School Administrators!

  • You want to create an optimal learning environment for your students while having fun to teach?
  • You want to create healthy and positive class dynamics where all feel part of the of the community?
  • You want to create an environment fostering peace and calm for yourself and students?
  • You want to feel refreshed and share creatively with your students?
  • You want to be more present within busy schedules?

80% of learning difficulties are related to stress. Remove stress and you remove difficulties
       Gordon Stokes

Littlefeet Yoga's mission for Schools
Littlefeet Yoga offers stimulating, nourishing and motivating environments for teachers and students to thrive by creating and moving through yoga and mindfulness. A new found energy emerges along with increased self-esteem, and creativity, decrease in stress, healthy class dynamics, those are some of the positive results creating sustainable change in children and teachers and spiralling to the homes and communities around the school.

Why yoga and mindful movement in the schools with Littlefeet Yoga?

  • A creative environment filled with mindful and meaningful movement is one that reduces distractions, agitation and where all can "inscape" and feel good.
  • Children are kinesthetic learners. Play and movement through creativity help create mind-body connections that optimize their brain and muscular capacity while relaxing and connecting with themselves and those around them.
  • Movement and adapted movement is accessible to all children and yoga celebrate the uniqueness of each child, each learning type.
  • The brain and body are more receptive when stress level is low, self-esteem is high (I can do it!) and the environment is nourishing and safe.
  • Using a thematic approach with the teachers and curriculum, concepts are reinforced kinesthetically to develop the whole child.
  • FUN! Children’s receptivity and retention is heightened!

Examples of programs for children as part of physical education classes,
classrooms, school

  • Engaging yoga classes and programs from tots to teens
  • School activity day using a thematic approach
  • Introduction to yoga for schools' nutrition, movement and health awareness programs
  • In school leadership programs
  • Storytime through yoga

The relaxing and calm energy lasted all day. The children asked if they could do yoga everyday. They have been imitating the moves and some have said they are teaching their siblings yoga.
T. Sarrazin, JK teacher

It was great! I enjoyed getting to see the students do yoga and it was really good to see them doing something other than just the academics. I wish there was more of this kind of activity available to our students. Thank you very much
R. Stronach, gr. 1/2 teacher

Change happens in layers so contact us to design an enriching program for your school!

NEW and UNIQUE from Littlefeet Yoga!
Inviting teachers and administrators in the process of moving mindfully for their own benefit, the benefit of the children, the benefit of the school!

yoga school children
  • Teachers and administrators get to feel the benefits of yoga and mindfulness leading to feeling healthy emotionally, physically and socially as well as fostering positive teacher-student relationships.
  • It helps create a more grounded movement legacy in the schools where health and movement become key factors leading to well-being and academic learning, as it is passed on to the children who pass it on to the other adults in their lives.
  • It allows for a unique and refreshing way of teaching and being with the children as creativity is emerging and reinforced.
  • Teaching through movement can access different types of multiple intelligences where all children feel part of a school community.

See programs available for teachers.

The thing is to become a master and in your old age to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing.
Henry Miller

Littlefeet Yoga school community (past and present)
Ecole du Bois-Joli - pilot project (Gatineau)
Ottawa Children's Montessori (Ottawa)
Counterpoint Academy (Ottawa)
Ecole Élémentaire Trillium (Ottawa)
Ecole Élémentaire Le Petit Prince (Ottawa)
Ecole Élémentaire Montfort (Ottawa)
Tunney's Daycare (Ottawa)
Churchill Elementary (Ottawa)
Elmdale Public School (Ottawa)
Broadview Public School (Ottawa)
Ecole Élémentaire Publique Francojeunesse (Ottawa)
Garderie Au Bonheur (Hull, Québec)
Ecole Massé (Cantley, Québec) : LFY part of educational project for Kindergarten
Maison Montessori de Chelsea (Québec)
Garderie Enfantastique de Gatineau et Hull (Québec)
Aylmer Preschool, Pré-maternelle d’Aylmer (Aylmer, Québec)
Collège Prè-universitaire Nouvelles-Frontières (Hull,Québec)
Ecole secondaire Mont-Bleu (Hull, Québec)
Lord Aylmer Elementary School (Aylmer, Québec)

Littlefeet Yoga Special School Programs/Activities
Ecole François Perreault (Vaudreuil, Québec)
Ecole Anne Hébert (Québec, Québec)
Ecole Louis-Joseph Martel (St-Calixte, Québec)
Franklin Elementary School (Franklin Center, Québec)
Ecole Trois-Portages (Gatineau, Québec)
Pierre-Elliot Trudeau School (Hull, Québec)
Woodroffe High School (Ottawa)
Broadview Elementary School (Ottawa) -  Healthy Active Week 2012 and 2016
Ecole Massé, Gatineau -  Program with Parents - 2014 - 2015
Hilson Elementary School - Ottawa. Grade 6 business speaking. 2012 and 2014 
Scouts Canada (Hull Division): spring 2014 
4th Bells Corners Brownies - spring 2016