Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that is proving to be both fun and relaxing for little ones and is also very helpful for children whose bodies are still developing. It aims to unite body, mind, and spirit.

The objectives of Littlefeet Yoga are:

  • Have fun! (very important for children)
  • Spark the creative imagination
  • Exercise the physical body
  • Encourage awareness of the body, self and breath
  • Promote strength, posture, flexibility, balance, coordination
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase the ability to focus attention and concentrate

Littlefeet Yoga's mission is to offer an opportunity for children to stretch their body, mind, and spirit in a fun, creative, and relaxing way; to provide a space for children to center and listen to their inner wisdom; to create an environment free of competition where there can be harmony between body and mind; to foster respect, acceptance and compassion for children to experience the wonder and beauty within themselves, nature and other human beings.

Play and movement are central to a child's development. With Littlefeet Yoga, children get to play yoga and learn through play and movement. They are encouraged to use their bodies as a tool for self-discovery.

Children are natural yoginis and with Littlefeet Yoga, yoga is the backdrop for all of our activities and the children are at the front. Children get to relax, stretch, breathe and be creative through animated poses, yoga games, storytelling, songs, drawing, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Yoga is also an adventure of the imagination. Littlefeet Yoga activities tap into the natural curiosity and creativity of the children in the group. They explore, pretend, imitate, make noises and talk about nature, animals, the world around them, anatomy and physiology. In some instances, children will be encouraged to create their own yoga poses.

Littlefeet Yoga is student-centered and children learn through guided discovery and a wide variety of yoga experiences. The activities are age-specific and based on developmental and individual needs.