Littlefeet Yoga serves children and teens on a deeper level than just the physical. Age-specific activities are based on developmental stages, individual needs and interests of the children or teens using breathing techniques, songs, music, reading, creative art, cooperative games, relaxation and earthcare. This is all blended with creative yoga movement to educate the whole child or teen. Classes are offered in English and/or French.

All classes integrate a variety of activities and expose the children and teens to positive experiences that they can carry into their everyday lives. Themes and classes evolve from a co-creative and enriching process between facilitator and participants. As children mature, they learn to center themselves and draw on their experiences to develop invaluable skills to help them face challenges and become strong creative beings.

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Creative Movers

Teen Yoga Adolescence is a time of sacred transition and spiritual possibility. Yoga endows teens with patience and tolerance, which helps them get along with their families as well as hear their inner wisdom. It is a stabilizing force in the presence of change. Yoga and meditation can help teens feel grounded and centered while the world spins around them. (Inspired by YJ 2003)

Through the classes, pre-teens and teens will develop inner and outer strength through the exploration of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Flowing sequences, group discussions, meditation and relaxation, group activities, creative art, reading, journaling, etc. will help them acquire invaluable skills to grow stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. A supportive environment that helps them nurture positive self-acceptance and confidence as they learn to move through this transition.

This artistic exploration of Yoga and Yogic principles provides philosophy, movement, creative exploration and relaxation, promoting balance and community.

Yoga's something you can't be good or bad at. Everyone's got their own way of doing it.
A centered 13 year-old teen

It was great since it wasn't just yoga, we got to learn about ourselves and expess our creativity in many different ways.
     A creative teen girl

It helped me handle stress and I learned a lot.
A grounded teen girl