Littlefeet Yoga serves children and teens on a deeper level than just the physical. Age-specific activities are based on developmental stages, individual needs and interests of the children or teens using breathing techniques, songs, music, reading, creative art, cooperative games, relaxation and earthcare. This is all blended with creative yoga movement to educate the whole child or teen. Classes are offered in English and/or French.

All classes integrate a variety of activities and expose the children and teens to positive experiences that they can carry into their everyday lives. Themes and classes evolve from a co-creative and enriching process between facilitator and participants. As children mature, they learn to center themselves and draw on their experiences to develop invaluable skills to help them face challenges and become strong creative beings.

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Creative Explorers

No one is ever too young or too old to play yoga. It starts in the womb then moves to various motor learning stages where we see babies and tots stretch in cobra, experiment with balance in table top pose, peek through the legs in down doggie, and simply create with their bodies in order to discover their world.

Hoop Fun Through playful rhymes and songs, creative props, visual cues, developmental movement exercises, tots postures and simple games, the little ones explore with curiosity in this free flowing environment where spontaneity and imagination weave a web of new connections between their bodies and their environment and make them stronger, happier, healthier little beings.

Be prepared to move and roll with your tots as he/she brings home plenty of newfound discoveries!


Your ways of getting the kids to move and stretch really seemed to appeal to them.
                    A parent having moved and rolled with tot!